Summer School 2018

Centre for Social and Organisational Leadership (C SOL) at Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) welcomes applications for ‘UNFOLD: A field-based Summer School on Organisation Development, Change and Development in  Social Sector Organisations in India’. Globally, leaders of high impact institutions have expressed the utmost importance of investing in capacity building within the area of Organisation Development, Change and leadership so as to build stronger and more dynamic organisations.

Keeping this in mind, C SOL TISS proposes a four-week field-based Winter School Program which would develop OD, Change and Leadership learning at three levels: Self, Group and Organisations. In the first two weeks, through a series of 10 activity-based workshops, participants will experience unfolding of the self in multi-cultural diversified organisational settings, enhance their ability to understand group and team processes, and learn to diagnose organisational challenges as well as identify various points of interventions to create change processes.

Over the next two weeks, the participants will be engaged in field based experiential learning in pairs/groups within development sector organisations. Equipped with workshop learning and exposed to detailed fieldwork frameworks, participants will understand and diagnose the organisational challenges, identify and empower change agents within the organisation and suggest changes as well as possibilities for inter and intra-organisational collaborations. Throughout the program, an important stress would be laid on exploring, understanding and building appreciation for ‘self’ as an instrument of change.